Amundzeen Rose de Gaurt stud dog


Amundzeen Rose de Gaurt stud dog



My love for dalmatians started very long ago when I was a little child. One day my dad brought home a black&white dalmatian puppy for me and my older sister. And I was in love with him immediatelly. We grew up together as a pair, child and his dalmatian, but unfortunatelly, my older sister died becouse of brain tumor.
And now, after almost 15 years I made decision. I wanted my spotted friend to accompany my life again! So after months of searching, writing emails, I met one breeder. I have seen mother, grandmother and I was soo happy about them, their personality, food drive, friendly nature, amount of energy. This walk helped me with my final choose. After months of waiting, my black spotted prince was born and I was over the moon. I finally choosed Mr. Turquise, named by breeder "Arnold". This name suits him very well- he has intensive black pigment, he is strong, but also a lover of beeing in center of attention. He is photo model everytime you came with camera!​


When I am told to describe my dog, I would say that he is the same as other dalmatians but also diffrent. He is fun loving, kind, very friendly, active, in love with kinds and everyone who set smile on him.

A lot of people who work with dogs like him for his excellent character, with no sign of shiness or nervousness. He is only a little bit impatient when we are waiting. He would rather do more interesting things.

Dalmatians are called loyal, this dog is soo loyal, that he sleeps in bed with me, does not want to leave my side, always cuddling next to me, sitting in my lap, resting his beautiful head on me.

With other dogs he is friendly, know how to communicate properly and how to tell his opinion. Best type of play is chase game, with the stick or toy in mouth. He loves to take care of his dog friends, like licking ears and eyes.

Best part of his day is when food is served. Food drive is strongly present in him, he is always hungry and he loves almost everything- fruits, vegetables, meat, cheese... I use food in training a lot. He learns fast and has big memory of tricks and commands. Every training is fun and food based, with use of clicker and positive reinforcement.

My family is always surprised with his greeting manners- dalmatian smiles and hops, steering around like a cat. It is accompanying with wagging tail in brisk rhythm. He is definitelly greeting type of dog. 

Long-term breeding dalmatians for hunting is taking place in his case too. He has hunting reflex, he woud love to chase a rabbit, but he is completly recallable.

After all, I love him to the moon and back, my beauty-boy!